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About Brennan Golf Sales

Brennan Golf Sales is a nationally recognized top golf course equipment and maintenance supply wholesaler. Since 1992, we've been helping golf courses across the country keep their grounds in top condition and their courses playing at the highest level. Golf is our passion, and we know what it takes to really keep your membership happy.

That's why we work closely with all of our customers to make sure they get the golf course equipment and maintenance supplies they need at a price they'll be happy with. Customer service has been our top priority for more than 20 years. Don't waste money or settle for second best when it's time to outfit or update your course. With a little help from Brennan Golf Sales, you can save money and live up to the reputation our nation boasts as a world-class golf destination.

Tom Brennan

Tom began his career in sales after graduating from the University of Florida. His job with Tresca Industries in Jacksonville prepared him for starting Brennan Golf Sales in 1992. Tom had a desire to provide Jacksonville area golf courses with a one-stop buying experience. The business has since grown to include Southeast Georgia, Coastal South Carolina and all of Florida. His lifelong passion for golf has allowed him to combine his hobby and his career.

Jane Brennan

Jane has worked off and on in varying capacities for Brennan Golf Sales since inception. After a successful career with Prudential Insurance and raising their five children, Jane works full time alongside Tom managing the financial responsibilities at Brennan Golf Sales.

Shane Brennan

Shane is the most recent addition to Brennan Golf Sales and has spent the last two years involved with purchasing, billing, and inventory management. Shane is now a field sales rep for Brennan Golf and will be stocking and selling supplies from the company van. As an avid golfer himself, Shane enjoys helping us expand our business.


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