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Georgia Golf Course Accessories

For 2015-2016 Golf Digest ranked America’s top 100 golf courses, and guess which state represents the No. 1 position? It’s no secret that Georgia is a golfer’s haven, known for breathtaking and meticulously maintained courses that draw avid players and golf super stars from all corners of the globe. With a reputation for only the finest, choosing the proper golf course equipment and maintenance supplies is vital. source

At Brennan Golf Sales, we understand that it’s not just a golf course; it’s your sanctuary. You want to be able to offer your members prime playing conditions consistently without having to worry about course equipment failures or supply shortages. Let us help you find the suitable resources for the upkeep of your course, at the most affordable prices, because to us, a golf course is our sanctuary too.

Our aim isn’t just to make a sale, it’s to promote the sport we love just as much as you do. With over 20 years of experience, we put our name on the line to provide unparalleled customer service and high quality golf and turf products for throughout Georgia. We are confident that with a vast inventory to choose from and broad knowledge in golf course equipment and maintenance supplies, Brennan Golf Sales will fulfill your every need and dissolve any questions and concerns you may have.

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